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Make a Dolphin Clay Pot

Dolphin Clay Pot
A garden craft for dolphin lovers!

Get creative with this fun project and create your own custom dolphin flower pot. These also make great gifts! Include with a plant of your choice or a packet of seeds.

Prepare your Clay Pot

If you have a brand new clay pot, it is probably already clean and ready to paint.

An older pot can be cleaned up and turned into a work of art.

  • Cover the pot completely in water and soak overnight up to 24 hours.
  • Scrub and scrape away any deposits. You can use a wire brush and knife if necessary.
  • Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours.
Clay Pots

Seal the inside
Some people like to coat the inside of the pot with a sealant to keep the moisture from seeping through and causing the paint to bubble and chip. If you use DecoArt Patio Paint, no sealant is needed but you may want to paint the inside of the pot.

Sealants you can use include:

Note: If your clay pot will be used for an edible plant, it is recommended that you use non-toxic sealants.


Paint Your Clay PotPaintbrush with blue paint
Paint the background color of your clay pot using Patio Paint or acrylic paint. This may take several coats. Let each coat dry completely before adding another.

Before painting your dolphin(s) you may want to get creative and paint the rim of the pot or create a background scene.

Clay PotsClay PotsClay Pots

Add the Dolphin(s)

We have included a printable template of a dolphin that you can trace or cut out for a stencil.

Dolphin Template

Of course you may want to do one of your own.

Remember, it will probably take several coats of paint for each item you paint.

Seal Your Clay Pot

When you are finished and happy with the results, put at least 2 coats of sealant (see above) on the outside and inside if you haven't already. This will protect your painting and give it a nice finished look.


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