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Fun Dolphin Activities

Especially for Kids!

Make a Dolphin sound


You can create some of the sounds dolphins make with a blown up balloon. Squeeze and stretch the neck of the balloon and let the air out slowly.

Click here to hear a dolphin squeak.

Printable Coloring Pages


These popular coloring pages can be printed out for young artists to color or paint.

See Dolphin Coloring Pages

Online Coloring Book

Dolphin Coloring Book

Get creative and have fun coloring dolphin pictures with our Dolphin Coloring Book.

thumbs up Play Dolphin Games


Test your memory, enjoy a slider puzzle and more.

Free online flash Dolphin Games.

Dolphin Crossword Puzzle

Dolphin Crossword Puzzle

Learn and have fun at the same time with a printable Dolphin Crossword!

Dolphin Mazes

Dolphin Mazes

Help Dolphin Mom find her baby in this printable Dolphin Maze.